SY20 - Hazardous Waste Disposal Policy

Chemical Waste Management Plan - program requirements for non-academic areas of the University.

Chemical Waste Management Plan

Paint Handling and Disposal

Photographic Fixer Disposal

Chemical Container Disposal/Recycling

Aerosol Can Disposal

Universal Waste Management - program requirements for all University areas.  SY31 - Lamp Use and Disposal Policy

Battery Disposal (Battery Management Guidance)

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL) Disposal

Lamps (Fluorescent Light Tube) and Ballast Disposal (Lamp and Ballast Management Guidance)

Waste Oil and Filter Disposal

Laboratory Waste Management Plan - program requirements for Univesity laboratory and research personnel.

Laboratory Waste Management Plan

Sharps Handling and Disposal

Ethidium Bromide Disposal

Controlled Substance Disposal

Lion Surplus