Integrated Safety Plan

The Integrated Safety Plan or "ISP" is an incentive based approach which promotes broader employee involvement in workplace safety and health. The basis of this plan is to create a partnership between EHS and participating units at the departmental level. The ISP creates a "structure" for managing safety and health within the department. Taking a structured approach to safety and health will yield numerous benefits to the department including an enhanced safety culture, reduced risk of injury, and improved regulatory compliance. In addition to these benefits, EHS will offer financial incentives in the form of regulatory indemnity and cost sharing to those departments that effectively implement the ISP.

Under the ISP partnership, departments agree to implement three "core elements" in exchange for the financial incentives offered by EHS. The three core elements of the ISP are:

EHS will serve as an active partner in the ISP process by providing tools, resources, and consultation to participating departments. EHS will also assess department efforts in order to determine whether or not the ISP criteria have been successfully met. Those departments that meet the criteria will be recognized as being "ISP certified" by EHS and thus become eligible for incentives.