Leadership Commitment

The first core element of the ISP is leadership commitment. Leadership alone can make safety a key business goal and provide the necessary resources to achieve safety objectives. Employees within every organization take their cues from administrators, managers, and supervisors. If leadership consistently treats safety as a priority, so will the rest of the work group.

In order to achieve and maintain ISP certification, the department must take the following actions relating to leadership commitment:

ISP Phase 1 Actions:

  • Visibly demonstrate leadership commitment to workplace safety and health.
  • Clearly assign and communicate safety responsibilities to all employees.
  • Ensure leadership is aware of relevant injury and illness statistics.

ISP Phase 2 Actions:

  • Implement system for ensuring safety responsibilities are met.
  • Integrate safety into planning processes.
  • Periodically establish safety goals and metrics for the department.

The ISP Workbook provides further guidance on these actions. Environmental Health and Safety is also available to provide assistance in implementing the "Leadership Commitment" element.