University Park/Hershey Courier Rules

Information on the Courier service is provided to comply with federal regulations (Dept. of Transportation) related to the shipment of hazardous materials.

Courier Rules

A private Courier service has been established to transport Research and Biological materials between the Hershey Medical Center and the University Park campus.  Information outlining the requirements for the Courier service can be obtained here with the supporting instructions.  Any hazardous materials being shipped between these locations must use a commercial carrier following appropriate packaging and shipping guidelines OR by utilizing the private Courier.  At University Park, refer to SY-34 - Hazardous Material Shipping for additional information. At Hershey Medical Center, refer to Safety Program Manual policy HM-16SPM.

Packages without labels will not be accepted by the courier.

For other hazardous material shipping requests, please reference the EHS webpage outlining the Hazardous Materials Shipping requirements.