Self Review

Completion of self-reviews is the third core element of the ISP. Participating departments must review their internal operations in order to identify potential hazards and compliance gaps. The self-review process is initially geared toward assessing program gaps and must be complemented by periodic workplace inspections. Objectives related to program implementation and continual improvement can be developed based on the self-review results, thus creating safer workplaces.

In order to achieve and maintain ISP certification, the department must take the following actions relating to self-reviews:

ISP Phase 1 Actions:

  1. Identify the general safety issues which affect the department.

ISP Phase 2 Actions:

  1. Identify program gaps.
  2. Prioritize program gaps.
  3. Close program gaps.

The ISP Workbook provides further guidance on these actions. Environmental Health and Safety is also available to provide assistance in implementing the "Self-Review" element.

The following tools are used to identify program gaps during the ISP self-review process:

ISP Self-Review Part I

ISP Self-Review Part II

The following forms have been developed to help departments identify specific hazards within their work areas:

General Workplace Inspection Form

Kitchen Safety Inspection Form

Lab Safety Inspection Form

Office Safety Inspection Form

Shop Safety Inspection Form