LionSafe Training

LionSafe Videos for the Penn State Community

All "how-to" instructional videos are available in the LionSafe Channel in Kaltura, Penn State's Media Space. 

Waste Requests

Using the LionSafe Waste Request to submit Chemical or Radioactive waste pickups. Provides an overview of how to navigate the Waste Request module and submit pickup requests that involve chemical or radioactive materials. For chemical waste disposal at campuses other than University Park, please contact your Campus EHS Regional Coordinator.  

Getting to Know Kaltura

How to navigate within Kaltura, Penn State's Media Space

LionSafe 101

An overview of the LionSafe environment.

LionSafe Assessments and Findings

Using LionSafe Assessments and Findings for the Penn State Community. Assessments include the full inspection and audit forms and records. Findings are specific safety items requiring corrective action and resolution.

LionSafe Chemical Safety

How to navigate the LionSafe Chemical Safety Dashboard and maintain chemical inventories for the Penn State Community.

LionSafe General Requests

Using LionSafe General Requests to report a general safety concern to EHS. General Requests can also be used to to request a service, consultation, training, or supply items from EHS. General Requests should not be used to report emergencies, incidents, or injuries. General Requests can only be submitted by the Penn State Community.

LionSafe Incidents

Using the LionSafe Event Report. Events that require reporting and investigation happen at Penn State and should be reported to EHS through LionSafe to prevent a similar recurrence.

LionSafe People, Delegates, and Roster Members

Provides an overview of how to navigate the LionSafe People, Delegates, and Rosters in the Safety Information System. Users will learn how to create a Delegate who can also edit their chemical inventories, equipment, Findings, and assessments. Also, if needed you can add personnel to view your inventory and you can learn how to add them as Roster Members. This is referenced in the LionSafe Chemical Safety, and Assessments and Findings User Guides.