Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a stepwise approach to pest management that combines accurate knowledge of the pest and level of potential harm with multiple tactics to prevent, reduce or eliminate pests.  The emphasis is on using non-chemical means to address pest problems first, with an emphasis on preventing pest conducive conditions. 

At the University Park Campus, there are two IPM Plans - one for indoor pests and one for landscape pests.

Indoor IPM

The indoor Integrated Pest Management Committee was formed to address pest issues inside our buildings.  The committee meets on a regular basis to address emerging and on-going pest problems.  While we have been active since 2009, in 2015 we formalized this approach to pest management in the Integrated Pest Management Plan. 

If pesticides are to be applied that are other than the least toxic, as defined in the Integrated Pest Managemnt Plan, then notification to personnel in the building is required.  The document Pesticide Application Notification provides information on this process.

University Park Indoor Integrated Pest Management Plan

Behrend Indoor Integrated Pest Managment Plan

Landscape IPM

The landscape IPM plan was formalized in 2019.  The landscape Integrated Pest Management Committee meets quarterly to review on-going and emerging pest problems at the University Park Campus. 

University Park Landscape Integrated Pest Management Plan

IPM Resources

IPM for Pennsylvania Schools and Childcares: A How-To Manual