The framework to effectively manage and operate highly hazardous operations within The Pennsylvania State University has been incorporated into the seventeen (17) Elements of the Process Safety Management (PSM) Program.  The 17 Elements that are included within the management system are provided below:

  1. Management System
  2. Process Safety Information
  3. Process Hazard Analysis
  4. Management System to Address Action Items
  5. Process Hazard Analysis Review
  6. Employee Participation
  7. Operating Procedures
  8. Emergency Preparedness
  9. Training and Assessment
  10. Contractor Management
  11. Mechanical Integrity
  12. Maintenance Systems
  13. Pre-Startup Safety Review
  14. Management of Change
  15. Incident Investigation
  16. Compliance Audits
  17. Trade Secrets

See below for additional information on the Compliance Guidelines and written procedures for each of the PSM Program Elements.

01-Management System

02-Process Safety Information

03-Process Hazard Analysis

04-Management System to Address Action Items

05-Process Hazard Analysis Review

06-Employee Participation

07-Operating Procedures

08-Emergency Preparedness

09-Training and Assessment

10-Contractor Management

11-Mechanical Integrity

12-Maintenance Systems

13-Pre-Startup Safety Review

14-Management of Change

15-Incident Investigation

16-Compliance Audits

17-Trade Secrets