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Environmental Health and Safety training courses are in the University’s Learning Resource Network (LRN).  Volunteers/affiliates with self-register accounts in the LRN will be required to register a Penn State account to log in to the LRN.  Users will need to select ‘Migrate my existing LRN account’ button to request migration of their previous transcript data to their new Penn State Account. 

Please refer to our FAQs if you have additional questions or contact EHS at 814-865-6391.

University employees and students will have two options for accessing EHS training courses within the LRN: 

  1. Visit the EHS training page.  The page includes a master list of all EHS training courses grouped by program area.  Users can search for a specific course by keyword or filter by program name.  A description of each course and whether it is online or is instructor-led training is provided along with a link for further program information.  Users can directly access the training content by clicking the “LRN Online Course” or “LRN Course Registration” button located below each course name.
  2. Directly access the training content by logging into the LRN at https://lrn.psu.edu/.  Employees can log in using their Penn State ID Access Account.  The search bar located in the upper right hand corner can be used to find a specific course.  All EHS training courses begin with the prefix “EHS” in order to simplify the search process.