Portable Heaters

Safe Use of Portable Heaters

  • Portable heaters are designed to supplement a room's primary heat source. Portable heaters are not designed for continuous use and should not be used as a primary heating source for an area.
  • Maintain three foot minimum clearance between the heater and any combustible materials (i.e., trash / recycling bins, furniture, coat racks, draperies etc.)
  • Portable heaters must be plugged directly into an electrical outlet (Do not use extension cords.)
  • Electrical cords should not be located across doorways, aisle ways, under rugs or in areas where the cord may be exposed to possible physical or environmental damage.
  • Portable heater ventilation openings should not be altered or obstructed.
  • Portable heaters should be turned off and unplugged when the office is not occupied.
  • Portable heaters are not designed for use in areas where flammable or combustible liquids or gases are used or stored.
  • Portable heaters should not be used in dusty environments (work shops, agricultural buildings etc.)
  • Portable heaters should not be placed in high traffic areas.
  • Portable heaters need to be provided with automatic safety switches that turn off the unit if it is accidentally tipped over.
  • All portable heaters shall be Underwriter Laboratory (UL) Approved.
  • Penn State University Policy AD64 “Energy Conservation Policy” governs the use portable heaters at all University locations.