Refrigerant Management

Refrigerants are used in a variety of applications including chillers, refrigerators and freezers, and air conditioners.  If improperly vented to the atmosphere, these gases can cause harm to the environment.  Penn State has developed a Refrigerant Management Program to address the proper handling of these materials.  This program applies to all refrigerants, refrigeration equipment installed, decommissioned, or serviced, and the personnel responsible for its safe and proper operation at Penn State with the exception of several exempt substitute refrigerants specifically excluded by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

At Penn State all refrigerants (Class I, Class II, and their non-exempt substitutes) will be recovered to the maximum extent possible from all equipment, regardless of the charge of the equipment.  All refrigerant must be recovered from any equipment where servicing could cause a release.  Releases of refrigerant from all equipment will be minimized through prompt repair or removal from service.

Any department that has equipment that contains refrigerant must ensure that any repair is made by a certified refrigeration technician and that disposal of any refrigerant-containing appliances is done through Lion Surplus to ensure that the proper procedures are followed.