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Information on Autoclaves:  Autoclaves (sometimes referred to as steam sterilizers) are scientific equipment used by biology and other life science laboratories for sterilizing research materials and for decontaminating waste.  Because they operate at elevated pressures, they must be manufactured to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (A.S.M.E.) specifications and must also be inspected and certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (L & I).  When purchasing an autoclave, you must ensure that it is manufactured to A.S.M.E. standards.  All new units must be inspected prior to operation. Autoclaves with chambers less than 5 cubic feet in size that run off of house steam are exempt from L & I inspection.  Autoclaves of that size that have their own steam generator built in must be inspected. All autoclaves larger than 5 cubic feet, regardless of steam source must be inspected by L & I.  For additional information, contact EHS.