Hazardous Materials Shipping

Hazardous materials for shipping may be generated by a variety of activities such as teaching, testing and research laboratories, maintenance, housekeeping and agricultural operations. These materials may cause severe illness or death or pose substantial environmental threat when improperly transported or shipped. The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) established the regulations for the shipping of hazardous materials. To ensure that all applicable regulation are met, EHS will package and label materials, and prepare paperwork for shipment, arrange for shipment of materials, provide appropriate training, provide any specialized shipping containers and labeling materials as required, conduct compliance audits, and maintain records. 

All international shipments must be approved by the Office of Export Control for review and approval prior to submission of a request for shipment through EHS. Complete the Export Compliance Review Request for submission to the Office of Export Control.  Any questions regarding the applicability of U.S. Export Control requirements should be directed to the University Export Compliance Officer.

To request a hazardous material be processed for shipment, please submit the Hazardous Material Shipping Form.