Implementation Phases

Each core element of the ISP has been broken down into distinct "phases" in order to ease implementation. A table depicting these phases is located below. Please note that there are no time limits associated with these phases; it is up to the department to decide how quickly they can effectively move through the process. As indicated in the table, EHS will grant the financial incentives to the department after completing the first phase of each element. In order to remain eligible for the financial incentives, the department must complete the remaining phases and then maintain each element over time.

It must be stressed that EHS recognizes the need for flexibility when considering how to best implement each core element. We have attempted to take a non-prescriptive approach with this plan and will strive to work with each department to find the "best fit" for the ISP based on their work culture and circumstances.

  Phase 1 Phase 2
Leadership Commitment
  1. Visibly demonstrate leadership commitment to workplace safety and health
  2. Clearly assign and communicate safety responsibilities to all employees
  3. Ensure leadership is aware of relevant injury & illness statistics
  1. Implement system for ensuring employee responsibilities are met
  2. Integrate safety into planning processes
  3. Periodically establish safety goals and metrics for department
Employee Involvement
  1. Establish a departmental safety committee that effectively represents all employees
  2. Develop mechanisms through which all employees can effectively communicate safety concerns & offer suggestions for safety-related improvements
  1. Allow employees opportunities for direct involvement in safety efforts
  1. Identify general safety issues which impact department
  1. Identify program gaps
  2. Prioritize program gaps and develop implementation strategy for addressing
  3. Close program gaps


Completion of Phase I "Leadership Commitment" & Phase I "Employee Involvement" items = Department eligible for indemnity
Completion of Phase I "Self-Review" item = Department eligible for cost sharing
Completion of all Phase II items = Department continues to remain eligible for indemnity & cost sharing