University Park/Hershey Shuttle and Courier Rules

The purpose of these shuttle rules is to maintain the safety of shuttle drivers, passengers, the public and the environment.  Information on the courier service is provided to comply with federal regulations related to the shipment of hazardous materials (e.g., Dept. of Transportation). These restrictions apply to all personnel traveling on the University Shuttle (university or non-university personnel).

University Shuttle Rules

Material may be transported on the University Shuttle if, and only if:

  • it is securely packaged to prevent damage (including computers and monitors) and/or leakage
  • packages are only permitted if they are accompanied by a person

Contact Transportation Services for size restrictions.  In general, something that could be carried on a commercial aircraft would be acceptable.

Examples of material that cannot be transported include:

  • any chemical,
  • dry ice,
  • radioactive material,
  • any biological material, or
  • machines or equipment known to or suspected of containing any of the above (e.g., equipment with radiation or mercury sources).

Any questions regarding the suitability of materials for transport on the University Shuttle must be directed to the Safety Department of the campus initiating the transport. (Hershey, 717-531-7297; University Park, 814-865-6391)

Courier Rules

Any materials that do not meet the above requirements must be shipped via commercial carrier using appropriate packaging and shipping guidelines OR by utilizing the courier service that operates between the two campuses (courier information is available here with instructions).  At University Park, refer to SY-34 - Hazardous Material Shipping for additional information. At Hershey Medical Center, refer to Safety Program Manual policy HM-16SPM.

Packages without labels will not be accepted by the courier.