Training Programs

This webpage lists all of the EHS training by program area.  They can be searched using a specific term or filtered by program.  Click on the course name to open the description.  The narratives explain who needs to take the training, if it is required or recommended, If it is a one-time training or needs to be taken more than once, the format of the training, and provides a link to the training and program webpage.

Note to Students: If you are not receiving compensation from Penn State and you have not yet taken a class on Penn State’s Learning Resource Network (LRN), you will first need to create an account using your Penn State access account.  Navigate to the LRN and click on the “Volunteer/Non-Paid Student/Other” button and then the “Volunteer/Student/Other Create LRN Account” button and complete the form.  Choose “Affiliate Penn State Student” for your Supervisory Organization (e.g., college).  You will then be able to login and the links to the training below will take you to the correct training.

Hearing Conservation

This annual online course is required for employees who are enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program.  Topics covered include the effects of noise on hearing, and the use and care of hearing protection.  The course must be completed on an annual basis.


LRN Online Course  Hearing Conservation Program