Supervisor-provided training is required before employees and students are permitted to perform work utilizing shop equipment.  This training is a one-time requirement under the PSU Machine Shop Safety Program and covers safe work practices.

Shop supervisors are responsible for providing the training.  EHS does not provide machine shop training.

Listed below are the general requirements for the training along with a link to the Penn State program where supplemental documents can be found:

  • “General Shop Information” - (Appendix B) This form is used to provide basic information to the users of the shop.  It must be reviewed with shop users and visibly posted inside the shop.
  • “General Shop Safety Training” - (Appendix C) Must be provided to any individual who is to operate shop equipment regardless of the hazard category (low, medium, or high).  It must be performed within each shop the employee/student utilizes.
  • “Equipment Specific Training” – (Appendix D) In addition to General Shop Safety Training, this must also be provided if the shop equipment has been assigned a hazard level of either “medium” or “high”.


Machine Shop Safety Program