This course is required for employees who may enter, perform, assist and/or supervise work activities within OSHA-defined permit-required confined spaces (PRCS).  The course consists of two parts - an online module and a document that contains supplemental material specific to Penn State.  In addition hands-on orientation/instruction led by the work unit designee covering the work unit hazards, monitoring, PRCS permit, safety procedures/ equipment, and rescue preparedness supporting safe work within permit-required confined spaces must be completed and documented at the work unit. Work units that perform active entry rescue, must arrange and document separate rescue training.  Refresher training may be required if hazards change, or work practices are found to be deficient.

PLEASE NOTE:  For those taking the course annually, you must click “Request” each year to open a new instance of the course on your transcript if a new instance has not already been assigned to you.

LRN Online Course  Confined Space Program