This course is required for employees and students whose work has been assessed by the work unit safety officer and EHS respiratory protection program manager, and who has been medically cleared and respirator fit-tested to use the intended respiratory protection.  Training requires completion of an online module, with review of supplemental material specific to Penn State, and a final, documented hands-on review with the work unit Safety Officer, or other authorized designee. 

Annual refresher training is required and consists of reviewing the online module and supplemental materials.  Refresher training may additionally include a documented hands-on review by the employee with completion of documentation form, as scheduled with the work unit safety officer or designee.  

PLEASE NOTE:  For those taking the course annually, you must click “Request” each year to open a new instance of the course on your transcript if a new instance has not already been assigned to you.

LRN Online Course  Respiratory Protection Program